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Social Security Agreement between Austria and other countries Procedure


Question: Besides having your social security contributions deducted from your paycheck in Austria, did you ever pay contributions in any other country?

In general you can, provided you have met all conditions in the respective countries, receive social security payments simultaneously from any country you have worked in and made your contributions.

The resulting income tax that is generated by those payments to you will have to be paid by you in the country of your residence or the country where the payments are being transferred to.

We will be honored if you trust us with the safeguarding of your interests in front of the individual national Social Security Administrations. We work together with experts who are fluent in the languages of the respective countries and will be able to get you in touch with legal advisors or attorneys who will represent you in court if necessary.

Social Security Agreements Between Countries

Austria has signed social security agreements with the following countries:

all members of the EU, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Australia, Chile, Israel, all states resulting from the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, Canada, the Philippines, San Marino, Tunisia, Turkey and the USA.

These agreements provide certain equal rights to the citizens of those countries regarding the status of their pension insurances regardless in which countries the citizens reside and what their nationalities are.

We will assist you in every way through our foreign offices. This goes for the citizens of the EU, EFTA, Switzerland, and all other aforementioned countries but also for anybody regardless of nationality who has ever worked in Germany.

Trust with your problems. We specialize in securing your foreign pension entitlements


In general you can, provided you meet all requirements, receive pensions simultaneously from Austria, any member country of the EU, EFTA, from Switzerland or any country, with which Austria has signed a Social Security Agreement. There are, however, differences to observe, which may affect the amount of your pension.

By using our offices you can be assured that we will assist you from the time we file your application to the moment you receive your pension. We will help you in obtaining all benefits due to you to maximize the amount of your payouts.

There is extensive preparatory work necessary on your part; we will work with you to make it easy by assisting you in every step of the way.

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