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Groups Of Insured

As an employee your pension insurance is mandatory. Your employer deducts every month from your paycheck the contributions for Social Security and forwards that amount of money to the insurance carrier. The insurance carrier registers the month for which the money has been paid and the amount of your salary by which the amount of your contributions are determined. The same applies for workers who are in an apprenticeship or any other form of professional training.

Under certain conditions students may also be required to pay their contributions into the system. This happens when the student during his or her stay at a college or university holds a job on the side and the resulting salary exceeds a certain annual amount.

Members of the military and other civil services enjoy an automatic pension insurance without having to contribute out of their own pockets. The duration of their services is equal to any required waiting period.

For unemployed workers who are drawing unemployment benefits, the Department of Labor will pay the contributions on their behalf.

Males and females who have raised their own children will receive credits on their accounts with the insurance carrier in the form of monthly contributions.

All paid and credited monthly contributions on your insurance carrier's account will be added up and will determine the time-period you have been insured. Together with the amount of your contributions it will determine the amount of your pension pay-outs.

Therefore it is of absolute importance that ALL monthly contributions are registered by the insurance carrier and credited to your account.

We will help you with making sure that your account is properly credited by providing proof to the insurance carrier in cases of missing data.

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