Insurance Periods

Mandatory Insurance Periods

As an employee your pension insurance is mandatory. Your employer deducts every month from your salary the Social Security contributions and forwards those amounts of money to the insurance carrier. The insurance carrier registers every month for which the mandatory insurance has been paid as insurance-months.

Voluntary Insurance Periods

In case there is no mandatory insurance you can make your contributions on a voluntary basis. You pay your monthly contributions, thus creating the necessary insurance period. The amount of your pension depends on the number of months you paid contributions (insurance-period) and the amount of your contributions.

Child-raising Periods

In case you have raised your own biological children or have adopted one or more children or you are a foster parent the female guardian (or mother) will normally receive a certain insurance-period credit. If both parents apply, this credit will also be given to the male guardian.

Substitutions for Contribution-Periods

There are certain provisions under which you will be given credit for contributions even if you have not paid your monthly dues. This will happen if you have been a POW, have been persecuted by the NS, are a political fugitive or have been a political prisoner in the DDR etc.

The two latter periods (child-raising and substitutions) are periods, which you will get credit for only upon application since there are no data registered with the insurance carrier to that regard. Therefore it is important that you secure these periods with your insurance carrier; they are as good as cash!

Please appoint us to look into these matters for you so that you will receive full and proper credits for your mandatory and/or voluntary insurance periods.

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