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Who we are:

The Office for Foreign Social Securities (ofss) is an American-European joint venture. We are specialized to assist not only American and Canadian residents but any German and/or English speaking person(s) in safeguarding his or her financial interests, which were acquired through work in Germany, Switzerland and/or Austria. This covers any social security entitlements that had accrued.

We are maintaining a network of specialists in Germany, Switzerland and Austria who we will consult if necessary to help us with bringing a solution to any sticky problem we may come accross. Among those specialists are attorneys who will argue any disputes in front of local courts.

We begin our procedure with an analysis of our client's situation in regard to his or her foreign pension insurance and will subsequently upon the client's request work out a detailed plan of action. If this meets the client's approval we will discuss and decide on a fee for said services, which will, aside of an initial upfront payment, be due only when we have delivered our promised results.

The homepage of our website offers a summary of the fundamental aspects in regard to the workings of the German, Swiss and Austrian social security administrations. You also will find useful suggestions how we can be of help to you.

As a first step we suggest that you fill out one of our questionnaires, which have been tailored to German, Swiss and Austrian specifications in regard to these countries' pension insurances. We will analyze the questionnaire and give you a quick response. For this we will charge you only $ 25.00. In addition, and this is free of charge, we will provide you with an interpretation of your actual circumstances regarding possible entitlements upon which you may decide how you want to proceed, using our services to clear up and/or solve specific problems.

Take the first step and secure your entitlements.

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