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Social Security Agreement between Austria and the USA Procedure


As the recipient of social security payments from a Austrian insurance carrier you can have your payments transferred into a bank account in the country of your residence abroad such as in any country of the EU, in Switzerland, the USA and Canada. You also can have your pension transferred to Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chile, Israel, Croatia, Macedonia, the Philippines, Serbia, Montenegro, Tunisia and Turkey.

You can apply for your pension with the Austrian Social Security Administration from any country outside of Austria. All you have to do is request the proper application forms from the Administration in German(!) and make sure that all supporting documentation is stated in that language

We are specialized in assisting pensioners who are living abroad and will handle all business with the Swiss insurance carriers in a professional way.

We are offering our 'wrap-around' service, which goes beyond the basic correspondence such as the assistance with your application for pension, our prognosis, making sure that your account shows all time-periods and substitute times. We gather all necessary proofs and documentation and investigate missing records and more.

The Social Security Agreement between Austria and the USA

The respective Social Security Administrations of Austria and the USA have signed an agreement, which guarantees pension payouts to citizens residing in each partner-country ('Vertragsstaat'). This agreement stipulates that the partner-countries view each others' citizen as their own in regard to social security matters.

If you have paid social security contributions into the Austrian system you are entitled, through the stipulations of this agreement, to your pension abroad. In addition you may under certain circumstances receive credits for time periods even when no contributions have been paid during those times.

Make sure you secure these benefits as they are offered in this agreement. You can that way increase the yields of your contributions.

Please talk to us. We are specialized in securing your entitlements while you live abroad.


In general, if you fulfill all requirements, you are allowed to receive your pension from Austria simultaneously with any Social Security payouts from the USA.

All you have to do is ask us to assist you with setting up your application and to guide you through the laborious and complex process until success is guaranteed.

Your need to apply for your US pension with the US Social Security Administration. Upon request our American partner can assist you there as well.

Please talk to us!

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